• a biomonitoring baby carrier
    enabling smarter parenting and health care


  • great parenting comes with a learning curve

  • the problem

    Moms and dads are confused by their child’s method of communication and from conflicting parenting advice.

    Parents then struggle to explain their child’s health to care providers, who diagnose and treat illness based upon inconsistent data.

  • so, we're introducing the first-ever


    a child biomonitoring and reporting system

  • our solution

    We’ve woven eTextile sensors into our ergonomic carrier to collect and send data about the child’s vitals to a smartphone.

    Parents use the BabyMoon app to record their baby’s development and receive personalized parenting suggestions via push notifications.

    Our backend system analyzes all this information, recognizes patterns, and generates health reports, which parents can print and share with care providers.

  • we enable


    • enhanced DIAGNOSTICS and treatment
    • improved physical & social DEVELOPMENT
    • ergonomic & fashionable DESIGN
  • join us

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